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Friday, July 01, 2005

arrived an all checked in

We arrived in DC last night after a long but uneventful day of travel. There was a brief moment of thinking that we weren't going to get on the plane because of overbooking, but we got on and we got three seats together, which is always a good thing.

Slightly panicking seems to be the theme of this trip so far. I just checked in and at first they said they couldn't find my registration in the computer. He did though, and I'll all checked in. My first preconference session is tomorrow afternoon, so I just have to find a way to survive the unbearable DC heat until then.

We went to the Zoo today, which isn't the best way to deal with the heat, unless you stay in one of the lovely air-conditioned buildings, but we didn't. Luckily, Amazonia was crowded, because Erik wanted to go in, and I couldn't stand the thought. Whew.


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